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Mother Tongue

What are the languages being taught  in your child’s school?

Here in Aklan, Akeanon ( local dialect) is being taught to lower grades including kindergarten.

No problem with that.
But because of their young age, it becomes a little bit complicated for them to learn and differentiate English, Filipino and Akeanon.

They even have books in Akeanon.
Some parents believe that it should be taught on higher grade levels.
How about you fellow moms?
Does your child’s school implement Mother Tongue subjects?

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How is your usual day with a kindergarten?

Having a kindergarten daughter means  waiting a few hours at school. Before, that is not the case for me. My cousin takes them to school then Sweet Cinderella will drop Baby Snow White in her classroom before proceeding to her own class.

Baby Snow White is a very independent child. She loves doing things on her own. However when she feels that she is being left behind, she cries. Whenever parents go inside the room to be with their kids, she cries. No mommy on her side, hehehe.

So I decided to go to her school during recess time and wait until her class ends.

So this is the usual scenario of mothers waiting for their kids.

I’m one of them now.


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