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Baby Snow White 6th Bday ( Part 1- Jollibee)

Last Sunday, we celebrated Baby Snow White’s 6th birthday. We celebrated it in the newly built Jollibee Kalibo. It is spacious and can accommodate a little more than a hundred  guests. Both Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella also celebrated their birthdays when they were younger in Jollibee but in Jollibee Gaisano. Right now, this Jollibee is the only Jollibee in Kalibo that caters kiddie party.

The party was set 3-5 P.M. but we arrived 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, and we were surprise that they didn’t allow us to enter until 3:00 P.M. WE were the first one to arrive and a few minuted later, her classmates arrived. There is a  small waiting area with tables and chairs too, and we stayed there while waiting for the clock to hit 3.

Left with nothing to do, we spent our time taking pho...

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Recognition Day… a day to be proud of

School year is finally over.

Time flies noh?

Next school year, Baby Snow White will be on Grade 1 na.

But before thinking of the coming school year, let me share to you our pride moment on Baby Snow White’s recognition day.


Because of the K-12, kindergarten is already a part of the elementary curriculum thus, there is no more graduation rites. They are already a part of the elementary recognition and no longer wear the traditional toga.

While waiting for the program to start. We took some photo op!


Baby Snow White and Baby J are friends since Day Care.


During the processional march:


I expected the program to last a couple of hours, because its from Kindergarten to Grade lV. Good thing that it was not really hot.

Their pictures when I was the photographer




My picture when it was...

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Notable Conversation series #2: Lo Bat

The frog prince was not in the mood while Baby Snow White was feeling hyperactive.

While in front of the computer with a frown face, he didn’t notice Baby Snow White watching him.

Baby Snow White: (talking to frog Prince in the utal-utal way) Da, icharge mo na nga ang mukha mo. Lo bat na.

Frog Prince: (Natauhan) Ha, bakit?

Baby Snow White: Lo bat na. nakasimangot na.

Yun na! and we laughed…

Funny… I wonder kung san nakukuha ng batang ito ang mga sinasabi nya

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