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Sick for a few days now

Baby Snow White is sick for a few days now.
It’s hard when a baby is sick.
You know they can’t tell you exactly how they feel, unlike with the grown ups!
I thought that the fever is due to her molars on their way out.
But no more pain in her gums now but still her temperature is not coming down.
I wonder what’s wrong. =(
Well she is in her usual self playing and watching.
But still…

Hays… should I try another paracetamol brand?

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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Yay! I was actually singing the song while typing my post. I am sad today. I am not really good in saying goodbye. Dark days I guess. Sometimes the reason is clear but we can’t do anything about it.
On the brighter side I guess this too shall pass so I just have to let it be.


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My New Home


So… this is my new home.

I’ve got so many catching up to do but it’s good that I’m settled now.

Thinking of my old domain makes me sad, but I guess this one is much better.


So, sit back and relax while I’m doing some updates. Ciao!


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