School Year is almost Over

Yay, time flies…

School year is almost over and here are some of my realizations as a mother:


If you think you are done studying, you’re wrong!

I have 3 daughters, 1 elementary and 2 High school students. I do most of the printing homework of my grade one daughter, cut it out and paste it into her notebook. I also do her  reviewers during exam.

With my high school kids, they do most of their homework and they also do their own reviewer. But there are projects that I need to help them with, like creating presentation, video commercial, arts, thesis, etc.  I am also the one looking for specific laboratories or apparatus that they need when its not available in our area.

You should be careful in giving your judgement

Who wants low grade? We value education so much that I do not tolerate failing grades or below average mark with the kids. But before I get mad, I usually observe my kids study/review habit. Both of my high school kids usually wake up at 3 in the morning during exam week.

Take note, hindi ko sila ginigising and I never obligate my kids to do that. Kusa nila yon.

They take their studies seriously to the point that they start making reviewers 2 weeks prior to their exam. So, if they get average scores (which rarely happens) I just let it pass and just challenge them to do better.

We cannot compare our time from their time

During our time, we usually research through libraries. You are lucky if you have encyclopedia at home. In today’s generation, we have internet already. You can look for tutorials, ideas and researches by few clicks using your phone or computer.  So you can see the difference. Life is easier now…and complicated.

Ang hahi-tech na ng mga project requirements mga ateh. One time, my eldest asked me to like the video that her group made. They need to get many likes from their friends kasi their teacher will be checking it later on. Naturete ako and I asked my friends to like the video as well. Supportive momma!

Family time never change

No matter what generation you’re in, family plays an important role in our kids life and education. Hindi kayang palitan ng kahit anong technology yung time na binibigay natin as parents to our kids.



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