Being In Your Kids’ Life Physically and Emotionally

As working parents, how can we spend more time with our kids? 

  1. When we cant physically be there, we must find ways to connect with them all throughout their day. The basic goal is to let them feel our presence even they know that we are busy as a bee. Kids, especially younger ones, don’t understand that money needs to be earned and they don’t grow on trees or just pop out from magician’s hat. What they only know is that mom and dad leave everyday and just return at night. Connections can be made through regular calls or meeting through lunch time and merienda. Its building their confidence that mom and dad are part of their day even if they are not around.
  2. Spend time to listen to their stories of the day. Just as soon as Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella arrive home from school either from their morning or afternoon class, I see to it that I listen to their stories of the day. Sometimes it sounds like Im hearing the same stories everyday, the bottom line is that they know Im interested to know what happened to them, and this also encourage them to open up.
  3. Appreciate good times, be there on bad times. On times when our kids receive awards and appreciation, its always a good time for celebration. But during the times that luck is not on their side, they need us to be there. It wont take so much for us to find some time to assure them that everything is going to be fine, but it may mean everything to them. Assurance that they have their parents support no matter what is a sure way to boost low spirit and heal wounded self confidence.
  4. Make memories. You don’t have to spend the whole day with our kids to build memories. Spending few hours with them doing special activities can be enough. Have some fun together. Sing together. Play. Cook. No matter what you do, just do it together and document it. Pictures and videos are the best way to refresh memories. We are living in a digital world, take advantage of it.

Being in your child’s life physically and emotionally may sound hard esp if you are both working parents, but it is never impossible.

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