It is a big bed tonight

The Frog prince and Baby Snow White left for Cavite today to visit the Frog Prince’s side of family.

I was not able to come kasi tagtipid kami since our room is under construction.

I am happy that Baby Snow White could play with her cousins and Frog Prince can have some time with his family too.

Wala kong tulog kagabi because Baby Snow White kept on whining and complaining that her gums were hurting.

I spent the night massaging her cheeks.

The moment they left kanina, I dozed off.

I woke up and called them and he said they were on their way to Cavite.

When they got home, he sent me these:


15135664_10210417631491010_514495347_n 15128576_10210417631371007_1165593561_n

Busyng- busy ang bata kaka ipad.

The original plan was, they will not bring her ipad so could spend an undivided time with her cousins and grandparents since they will be only staying there for 3 days.

However, she kept on crying so we made her promised na lang that she will only spend an hour or two playing, and she agreed naman.


Here she was solving Math problems while waiting for their boarding time.


I realize 3 things. One, andali na tlagang pumunta sa Manila hehehe. Two, ang hirap awatin ng mga bata nagyon sa mga gadgets nila. Three, I miss them so bad.


I’ll be sleeping alone tonight and for the next two night, and its gonna be a big bed tonight.


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