Baby Snow White 6th Bday ( Part 1- Jollibee)

Last Sunday, we celebrated Baby Snow White’s 6th birthday. We celebrated it in the newly built Jollibee Kalibo. It is spacious and can accommodate a little more than a hundred  guests. Both Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella also celebrated their birthdays when they were younger in Jollibee but in Jollibee Gaisano. Right now, this Jollibee is the only Jollibee in Kalibo that caters kiddie party.

The party was set 3-5 P.M. but we arrived 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, and we were surprise that they didn’t allow us to enter until 3:00 P.M. WE were the first one to arrive and a few minuted later, her classmates arrived. There is a  small waiting area with tables and chairs too, and we stayed there while waiting for the clock to hit 3.

Left with nothing to do, we spent our time taking photos.

Let’s photoblog, shall we?

Baby Snow White while waiting. The dress was a gift from my mom.


My 3 girls while waiting


I sneaked inside just to check


and they all sneaked inside lol


The birthday girl’s dress was yellow. Pink sana noh When we looked for a dress in Gaisano, Baby Snow White fell in love in an instant with that dress. Sadly, they don’t have that dress in pink to match the Hello Kitty pink  theme. We tried to look for a different pink dress however, yun daw eh

keber! yellow kung yellow. lol

We just wore yellow to match her and not Hello Kitty hehe.

The birthday celebrant:


First few guests to arrive


See how she loves her dress… non stop spinning and twirling


With her Ninang Veronica


The celebrant was already getting impatient, she kept on peaking inside…hehehe


Out of boredom… they entertained themselves by going up and down the stairs






(Stay tuned for part 2)

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