Recognition Day… a day to be proud of

School year is finally over.

Time flies noh?

Next school year, Baby Snow White will be on Grade 1 na.

But before thinking of the coming school year, let me share to you our pride moment on Baby Snow White’s recognition day.


Because of the K-12, kindergarten is already a part of the elementary curriculum thus, there is no more graduation rites. They are already a part of the elementary recognition and no longer wear the traditional toga.

While waiting for the program to start. We took some photo op!


Baby Snow White and Baby J are friends since Day Care.


During the processional march:




I expected the program to last a couple of hours, because its from Kindergarten to Grade lV. Good thing that it was not really hot.

Their pictures when I was the photographer





My picture when it was their turn to take the shot





Oo yun lang yun… parang napilitan lang hahahaha

Hinanap ko talaga, yun lang talaga.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the day. Looking at the face of the proud parents and kids… I knew it was a beautiful day.

We went home after that, and Baby Snow White got to open her presents.






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