One Proud Moment

Just before Pretty Ariel graduated from high school, I cannot decide where to send her for high school. We visited almost every school available here in Aklan to see which one will ring the bell. I received so many suggestions from neighbors and friends, and so I checked each and every school. According to most of them, Regional Science is the best. I have google it and I realize why they are saying that. To the last minute I submitted her requirements for application and we were given her schedule of examination as well as room number.

Unlike other parents, we were not really eager to send her to that school. One main reason was the location. Ang layo nya promise!

“Were” talaga eh, kasi ngayon like ko na sya. Kesehodang sa buwan pa yan, magagawan namin yan ng paraan. Well the mom in me, supportive at ulirang ina lang ang peg. Isa pa siguradong di naman kami nag-iisa, hehehe.

Have story to tell:

When we were just trying to check the school, we asked people we see for direction.

Me: Kuya san po ang papuntang Science high school?

Kuya: dirediretsuhin nyo lang po, pag nakita nyo dead end, yun na!

Tumaas ang kilay ko sa sagot ni kuya, pero di pala sya nagbibiro.

Hehehe, so imagine kung nasaang bahagi sya ng earth. Pero in fairness, dami namang nagbibiyahe so ok na rin.

I learned that all applicants should pass 2 written exams and an interview if they want to study there. The day of the first exam, I was surprised to see lots of parked vehicles on the way to school and inside the school premises.

Anak ng pating, kinareer pala ng ibat ibang school ang pagpasok sa school na yun, both the rich and the poor. So although public school siya, ang Regional Science high school pala ay di for the poor o yung gustong makatipid sa tuition kundi for the brainy one.

So for the first exam, I was not expecting na makakapasa si Pretty Ariel, di naman sa wala akong tiwala kaya lang parang pumunta lang kami sa pansitan, ni walang review review, basta lang sumugod dun at nag-exam.

But contrary to what I expected, Pretty Ariel made it to the top 25% of the first phase passers. I did not know anything about it until the principal of her elementary school called to congratulate her.

That is the time I talked to Pretty Ariel. I don’t want to pressure her because I want her to enjoy her high school as well. I mean, well it would be really tough to study in a school like that, considering they have to maintain their grades. I laid all the cards to her and gave her the pros and cons and n the end, I realized that no amount of it could discourage her.

For the second phase examination, she still made it to the top 25%, even during the last phase which was the interview.

So until now, Im a proud mama. I think our quest to find the school for Pretty Ariel ends here. Congrats baby!


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