School Year is almost Over

Yay, time flies…

School year is almost over and here are some of my realizations as a mother:

If you think you are done studying, you’re wrong!

I have 3 daughters, 1 elementary and 2 High school students. I do most of the printing homework of my grade one daughter, cut it out and paste it into her notebook. I also do her  reviewers during exam.

With my high school kids, they do most of their homework and they also do their own reviewer. But there are projects that I need to help them with, like creating presentation, video commercial, arts, thesis, etc.  I am also the one looking for specific laboratories or apparatus that they need when its not available in our area.

You should be careful in giving your judgement

Who wants low grade? We value education so much that I do not tolerate f...

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Mother’s Love on a Wednesday Morning

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Being In Your Kids’ Life Physically and Emotionally

As working parents, how can we spend more time with our kids? 

  1. When we cant physically be there, we must find ways to connect with them all throughout their day. The basic goal is to let them feel our presence even they know that we are busy as a bee. Kids, especially younger ones, don’t understand that money needs to be earned and they don’t grow on trees or just pop out from magician’s hat. What they only know is that mom and dad leave everyday and just return at night. Connections can be made through regular calls or meeting through lunch time and merienda. Its building their confidence that mom and dad are part of their day even if they are not around.
  2. Spend time to listen to their stories of the day. Just as soon as Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella arrive home from school either ...
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Getting More and More Excited

I can’t sleep.

Few hours from now, Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella will be coming home.

They joined a BSP camping and been there since Friday.

When you become a mom, it doesn’t matter if your kids are teenagers or toddlers

You will think of them all the time.

Few more hours… just a few more hours

and you’ll be back in my arms again.


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Sunday is Famday

Sunday is family day like always.

Since Baby Snow White and Frog Prince are not here, we decided to spend our Famday by watching Twilight movie. I made some fruit cocktail as our snacks.

Twilight is one of our favorites when it comes to repeat watching… I just have to skip sensitive parts of the movie.

Then after watching, we did this:

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Saturday thinking

It’s a gloomy day today.

Nakakatamad tuloy.

My 2 girls are busy reading from their tablet. 

Hahaha pretending she’s not aware. 😛

I am scheduled to clean my drawers. I cannot delay that anymore.

I will also buy some groceries later this afternoon. 

I am thinking of Baby Snow White and my frog prince. I miss them. 🙂

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It is a big bed tonight

The Frog prince and Baby Snow White left for Cavite today to visit the Frog Prince’s side of family.

I was not able to come kasi tagtipid kami since our room is under construction.

I am happy that Baby Snow White could play with her cousins and Frog Prince can have some time with his family too.

Wala kong tulog kagabi because Baby Snow White kept on whining and complaining that her gums were hurting.

I spent the night massaging her cheeks.

The moment they left kanina, I dozed off.

I woke up and called them and he said they were on their way to Cavite.

When they got home, he sent me these:


15135664_10210417631491010_514495347_n 15128576_10210417631371007_1165593561_n

Busyng- busy ang bata kaka ipad.

The original plan was, they will not bring her ipad so could spend an undivided time with her cousins and grandparents since they will be only staying there for 3 days.

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Orange You Glad It’s Friday!

… and that orange is an app!


Orange You Glad It's Friday

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What to do?

I cannot remember how many Neozep I have bought already.

Baby Snow White is down with colds for few days now.

I notice nabawasan din yung timbang nya.

I bought Disudrin…

I hope it will work.

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Wordless Wednesday: Thank You


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